Our Story

As I stood under the stream of water waiting for the soap to rinse off, I read the back of the shampoo bottle.  Scanning the long list of ingredients, I realized the only word I recognized was “water”.  What are those words; dimethylamine, sodium lauryl sulfate, polyethylene glycol and cyclopentasiloxane?   Looking back, I’d say this was the moment eMeadows sprouted from a seed of questions, planted while taking a shower.

I discovered that the ingredients listed on the shampoo bottle are synthetic (man-made chemicals).  Some can be hormone disrupting and some have been linked to cancer.  That was concerning because our skin is the largest organ of our bodies.  Washing with those synthetic detergents and warm water opens our pores to a high absorption rate.   Not only can we absorb some of these chemicals through our skin, they flow down our drains contaminating the environment and food chain.

Learning about those ingredients prompted me to make my own soap and personal care products for my family.  After many years of research, trial and error and showers, that eMeadows seed grew, blossomed and reseeded itself, creating a green pasture of products comprised of organic, fair trade, non-toxic ingredients.

The ingredients used in eMeadows’ products, such as organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and shea butter are easily recognized and edible.  Every choice made about the ingredients used in eMeadows’ products is with the realization that the well being of, and the relationship between, all life forms and the environment is interconnected.  Our goal is to do no harm.